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The Ten Commandments of Evil

A horror book like never before!

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember and am privileged to have turned my passion into this book called 'The Ten Commandments of Evil'. It is a compilation of ten stories, wherein the forces of evil rummage the lives of ordinary people, leading to a mind-boggling catastrophe. The stories are dark, spooky, hair-raising, spine-chilling, and shockingly terrifying.

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About Vignesh Sivasankar

Unveiling Me

Vignesh Sivasankar’s stories received laudatory reviews in numerous publications and literary forums. He’s an award-winning published author of various fictional anthologies. National print and online publishing platforms have acclaimed his credible work.

Vignesh has a graduate degree in engineering and an MBA. He’s an alumnus of Anna University, Symbiosis University, IIM Calcutta, and EDII, currently residing in the scorching heat of Chennai with a candid yet loving critic (wife) and an exceptionally naughty son.

Vignesh’s stint as a marketing manager for about a decade in various industries and organizations doesn’t match the madness he endured as an entrepreneur for a couple of years. He’s now a fictional writer, penning down thoughts every day.

From a very young age, he knew stories would always play an important part in his life. He fell in love with stories and in 2018 married writing.

Vignesh likes to experiment with various writing styles and techniques. He's never afraid to tackle any project or find new, creative ways to come up with something fresh and original. Please feel free to contact him directly if you would like to learn more about his work or his innovative approach to writing.

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Published Books

Anthologies all the way


HBB Micro Fiction Anthology: Selected Entries: Horror

Micro-fiction works best for horror because this genre is more about the unstated than the stated. An intelligent reader would find enough material in 500-words to set wings to their fancies and get terrified of the ghosts that are born in their own imagination. Publisher: Half-baked Beans


Mrs. Rosewood

Mrs. Rosewood is a compilation of the winning stories from the Mrs. Rosewood contest organized by WriteFluence in June 2021. The book consists of short stories selected from 82 submissions that had been received from all over the world for the contest.

wafting earthy_edited.jpg

Wafting Earthy

Wafting Earthy is a compilation of the winning short stories of the international premier league short-story contest PenFuenza, organized by WriteFluence. The book consists of 31 literary pieces written by prolific writers in different genres and based on the theme of 'Fragrances'

The land of infinite summers.jpg

The land of infinite summer

The Land of Infinite Summer is a compilation of the winning short stories written by writers all over the world for the WriteFluenza contest organized by WriteFluence in June-July 2021. The book consists of 20 short stories written by 19 prolific writers.

perspectives of hope.jpg

Perspectives of hope

A composition of 65 poetry and prose that goes out to motivate you to persevere, into the darkness, to journey onward, despite the obstacles blocking the trail of life.

youth as nation builders_edited.jpg

Youth as Nation builders (Non-fiction)

Youth as Nation Builders is a collection of forty-one Essays containing a number of great ideas about how we all can support and play an important role in the progress of our country.

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Books, Stories and Speeches

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Notebook and Pen

"After air, water, food, and shelter we crave for stories. Without stories, human beings are just another speck of dust in this vast universe."

Vignesh Sivasankar

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4th Commandment – Thou shalt murder; thou shalt kill
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