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Once upon a Market

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Once upon a time, a trader opened up a business in the busy market streets of his town. He hired a marketing guy who could go out and help him sell his product. The marketing guy tried ways and methods to spread the word. All his efforts went down the drain; the trader and the marketing guy wondered why the business did so average, even though their product was great? The trader hired a coach more like a guide who could study his marketing strategy and suggest a growth path. The coach cum guide analyzed their products and business offering and pondered on a single critical question, What’s your story? • Marketing teams drive the business in any organization. • They should ‘SELL’ in a “MARKET’ for ‘CUSTOMERS.’ • Most marketers don’t realize, ‘CUSTOMERS’ are ‘HUMANS.’ How do you talk to humans? Simply Words? NO! Only through emotions, creativity, and imagination! Knowing how to communicate in a language HUMANS can understand is an art to be learned. STORIES! • We’ve understood faiths, beliefs, and religion through stories. • We told stories from the days when we were nomadic apes carvings inside caves. • Sadly, in most cases, storytelling doesn’t exist in our lives right after primary school. • MBA teaches us to read data, understand insights, business insights, and theories. What if there’s a practical approach to incorporate ‘abstract’ storytelling into your brand promotion? Can stories improve sales? To get a detailed brouchure, email to

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